Crusty bone marrow from Maison Baud

Seared foie gras with farmhouse bread crisps

18 €

Ravioli with blue cheese from Cordon

Scallop with Kristal caviar

17 €

Savoy trout platter (to share)

Gravelax-style trout mille-feuille with fresh goat’s cheese, pine-smoked fillet of trout, confit trout, potato waffle,

trout roe with smoked cream, toast

13 €/ pers

Bonbon of foie gras mi-cuit with cocoa

Smoked duck breast, apple compote and cocoa nibs

19 € 




Fillet of Arctic char

Bottarga broth with sweet kombu, beluga lentils and black olives

25 €

Fillet of ray Grenoble style

Lemon, capers and croutons

23 €




Veal filet mignon

Lard mille-feuille, fresh goat’s cheese from la Ferme des Ors, lamb sweetbreads

26 €

Iberian pork pluma

Potato mash with Abondance cheese

28 €


Premium Bresse chicken

Jus with Pères Chartreux walnut liqueur, pumpkin gnocchi

29 €


Twelve-hour cooked lamb knuckle

Truffled jus and winter vegetables

27 €


From the grill


Angus rib-eye steak (Argentina)

29 €

Angus flank steak (USA)




Roasted sweetbreads

Parsnip, quince purée, veal jus with hazelnut oil

27 €

Veal kidneys cooked in their own fat

Grenaille potatoes, confit shallots, Savoy red vermouth

23 €


Offal of the day


For a light appetite


Omelette of the day

Mixed greens

23 €

Linguine in a shell of Roscoff red onion

Rustic lard, Parmigiano, truffled broth

16 €

Roasted cauliflower in a salt crust

Reblochon cheese crumble, butter vinaigrette

15 €

  Local specialities

Fondue savoyarde (three types of cheese), green salad*

200 g 22 €

300 g 28 €

Fondue for children ( possibility with t 1 adult)*10 €

Fondue savoyarde with morel mushrooms, green salad*28 € 

Unpasteurised raclette, cold meats and green salad*28 €

Raclette for children (possibility with 1 adult )*14 €

Raclette with truffle, cold meats and green salad*35 €

for two peoples

Smoked’ raclette poached in a ‘fumeron’, cold meats and green salad*28 €

(min. 2 personnes)

Tartiflette, green salad 22 €

Rebloch' with morel mushrooms, grenaille potatoes and Savoy ham28 €




Black Forest

Griottine® cherry, chocolate crémeux, vanilla cream, chocolate biscuit base

9 €


Le soufflé

Confit pear, praline crunch, Early Grey-infused pear sorbet

9 €

Vanilla ice cream, Tahitian vanilla crémeux, salted caramel, pecan nut moelleux

9 €


Lime mousse tartIced Tahitian vanilla

Praline puff pastry brioche, yuzu cream



Ten-hour cooked apple stew

Lime and soft dessert cheese sorbet, nougat petal

9 €


Coffee and petits fours 10 €


Dessert of the day

6 €


Tart of the day