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Our entrances


                                                                                                                                                        La Mégevane 

Mix of salads, flowing egg, peasant bacon chips, tomatoes

Bear garlic reblochon candy


Creamy sheep, crispy polenta

Tomato with bear garlic


Perfect egg with oyster mushrooms in parsley


Full-bodied juice with walnut liqueur from the Carthusian Fathers


Arctic char tartare and crunchy vegetables


Pâté crust of our mountains 



Braised piglet shoulder, Savoyard gratin

(mini for 2 people/3 people) €90

Argentinian Angus steak nuts, pepper sauce


Duck breast, raspberry sauce, gratin


Veal chop, forest sauce, new potatoes


Our lake fish



Lobster andouillette

Lemon soy butter, small mushrooms


Confitted Savoy trout, just seared

Lobster juice, Creole rice



Kidney cooked in its own fat, new potatoes


Sweetbreads, pinot and morel sauce


Marrow bones


Our specialties

Savoyard fondue with 3 cheeses (green salad)

200 g of cheese: €26

300 g of cheese: €31​

Fondue little wolf (possible with 1 adult)


Savoyard fondue with morels, green salad (200 g of cheese)


Raw milk raclette 200 g of cheese

(Green salad, granulated apples, assortment of charcuterie)


Raclette little wolf (possible with 1 adult)


Tartiflette, green salad


Rebloch' with morels, Savoy ham, shot apples, green salad


Delicatessen supplement



Plate of cheeses from our mountain pastures


Faisselle (blueberry confit, honey, cream or plain)


Our desserts

Caramelized peach mille-feuille



Chocolate ice parfait - praline and saffron



Pavlova with seasonal fruits



Caramel cream, apple fritter



Dessert of the day


Pie of the moment


Ice cream cup (see our menu)





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